Rosco is a great place to meet new friends

If you are new to social nudism, when you visit, you will meet old and new members who will make you feel welcome and comfortable

  For seasoned nudists it is a chance to catch up with old friends

Rosco is a haven for wildlife

We DO NOT  allow pets of any sort.

Feeding of birds or animals is not allowed

.  If you sit quietly you can watch the 70 species of birds that can be found here

Red-necked Wallabies regularly feed on the lawns around the club

At Rosco we value our family friendly status

Children are welcome (Under 18’s clothes optional)

Adults can relax knowing they are safe and among friends

Unlike nude beaches we know exactly who is around.  

There is also plenty of shade and our pool is a lot warmer and safer than the beach.  

(Predators both human or marine are not tolerated at Rosco Club).


Welcome to Rosco Club

One of Australia’s Longest Running Member Owned Family Nudist Clubs

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Requests to visit the club will be considered  once you have read the Visitor Information and provided the required details to the secretary.


You will be contacted by the secretary to advise the result of your request

Membership of Rosco Club is a privilege not a right.

You may be considered for membership only after a number of visits and only if the Management  Committee offers membership to you.

NOTE: Persons applying for membership will be required to provide a current working with children certificate.

You can discuss membership requirements with a club official at the time of your visit

Rosco Club turns 60 in April.

See Events page for information

Rosco Club is Affiliated with the Australian Naturist Federation.

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For More Information

Contact us today on 0429 832 392  

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Post - PO Box 45 Toronto NSW 2283

Rosco Club