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Thank you for your inquiry about visiting the ROSCO Club Inc.

Please read details below, failure to provide information will result in your request being declined.

ROSCO Club Inc. is a member owned club and not a resort.

As such, the management committee have a duty of care to our members to ensure their safety and security. The membership of the ROSCO Club is made up primarily of families and couples along with some singles.

Current singles policy requires that single visitors must be invited by a current club member and that club member must be in attendance on the day of the visit. We prefer that you visit on a weekend.

If you do not know a club member you may be offered attendance on one of the club’s open days

To allow your request to visit to be assessed, you will need to provide the following information;

- Full name/s of all prospective visitors including children,

- Residential Address,

- Contact phone number,

- Drivers licence No or suitable identification,

- Email address,

- The length of your intended stay,

- If you are a member of the ANF or INF or another Nudist club? If yes, which one.

- If you have ever visited the club previously and when?

- If you know any club members who can vouch for you? If yes, who.

If your request to visit the club is approved, you will receive email advice from the secretary providing location details and a request for deposit/payment of fees by EFT, also, you will need to complete our visitor registration form upon arrival, you will be asked to show some form of photo ID to confirm your identity.

At this time we are only receiving visitors that time their arrival to be on a weekend so that a club official can greet them and show them around.

Please Note:  ROSCO has strict conduct/behaviour rules for the safety of members, children and visitors.

Any persons disregarding the rules will be asked to leave the club immediately.

Children/Teenagers under 18 ARE NOT required to undress, this is left up to personal/parental choice.

Sincerely yours

Rosco Club Secretary

Please send your visit request to secretary@roscoclub.com.au

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Rosco Club is Affiliated with the Australian Naturist Federation.

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Contact us today on 0429 832 392  

Email - secretary@roscoclub.com.au

Post - PO Box 45 Toronto NSW 2283

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