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It is useful to bring with you: (Scroll down OR Return to Visitor Information)

Drinking Water – as ROSCO is on bore water, which is not suitable for drinking, it is suggested that you bring your own drinking water.

Food – is only available at social functions (a small fee applies).

Cans of soft drink are available from a vending machine.  

A can recycling bin is available.  

You can pick up some takeaway at Subway or some basic items at Shell Servo at Freemans Waterhole before you arrive at the club.

Towel – for sunbathing, sitting on and, of course, for use at the pool and sauna.

Deckchair, sun lounge or banana lounge – for relaxing on the lawns.  A few available on site.

Essentials - like sunscreen, shady hats, repellent.

Please take all rubbish home with you.

In case of an Emergency (Scroll up/down OR Return to Visitor Information)

Emergency Evacuation Area. In case of any Emergency members and visitors are to assemble on the top lawn. If you hear an alarm check that people around you have also heard it, and move as quickly as possible to the top lawn.

Medical Emergency: There are usually First Aid officers on site – look for the First Aid signs on some vans or check the map on the front of the small club house. A referee’s whistle indicates a First Aid officer requires assistance.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Fire, Ambulance, Police      000

John Hunter Hospital (Emergency Dept.)   4921 3000

         Lookout Rd, New Lambton 2305

Toronto General Practice (Doctors)   4959 1288

         132 Brighton Ave, Toronto 2283

Toronto Police        4950 3699

VISITORS FEES (Scroll up OR Return to Visitor Information)

NOTE: A unit means a single person, a couple or a family unit.

Courtesy van’s


Rosco Club is Affiliated with the Australian Naturist Federation.

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